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TUNA DOOR SYSTEMS Co. was established in 1999, began its production in the industrial zone of Kayseri / TURKEY. Since its foundation company’s main princeples of following the technological developments and picking up the modern customer needs helps us to improve continuously by adapting the developed technology and focus on customer needs and serve always better products to our customer makes us the reliable manufacturer of door systems in this sector. Changing customer expectations, developing technology and our magnificiancy target encourage us to improve our product range by new creative ideas combined by art. In the way of this progress TUNA brand became a reliable manufacturer in this sector. Since 2003 our company is exporting Approx. % 50-60 of total producting to export markets more than 30 countries all over the World in 4 continents, Middle East, Africa, Europe and Asia Countries are in the export range of TUNA DOOR SYSTEMS. Also TUNA DOOR SYSTEMS have two group companies, one of manufacturing interior wooden door with brand names TUNART LTD. and second one foreign trade marketing company with brand name NILTUNA LTD. Some of our products; Steel Security Doors, Interior Room Doors, Wooden Doors, Fire Exit Doors, Special Doors, Villa & Building Entrance Doors…
As Door House, we proud of giving service to you for more than 20 years. Our company giving importance to the aesthetics brings doors of your work places and houses opening to your guests and aesthetics together with its over 20 years of experience. With our experience in this field, we brought doors of many individual and institutional clients opening to their guests and aesthetic together. Our working time that is more than 20 years allowed us to see different aesthetics thanks to many customers. Hence, it is easy for you to find the appropriate aesthetics for your house or your work place in wide product range of Door House. While providing this aesthetics to you, we carry out our production in eco-friendly machine park to protect nature contributing to our production and having importance for the whole world. We offer appropriate options for our customers with Door House quality using pvc coating, lacquer, natural wood, american panel, etc. in manufacture of our doors.
Platform” yenilikci uretim ve tasarim felsefesiyle, kaliteden odun vermeyen anlayisiyla, temelleri atilmis bir firmadir. Yenilikci anlayisiyla mobilya sektorunde kullanilan dekoratif mobilya profillerinin, Turkiye’deki uretim onculerinden olmustur. Kapi sektorunde pek kullanilmayan masif kompozit malzeme uretimi yapmak icin, 116.000 m2 acik alani 35.000 m2 calisma alani olan tesislerinin temelini atmis Platform Kapi markasi ile pazara girmistir. Masif kompozit malzemenin getirdigi yuksek dayanim ve kaliteyi, ileri teknoloji uretim bandi ile birlestiren Platform Kapi bugun sayisiz model ve renk alternatifi, standart ve standart disi uygulamalari, surdurulebilir hizmet veren yuksek teknoloji ve kapasitesiyle sektorunde oncu firmalardan biri haline gelmistir. Bilgi birikimini, deneyimli personelleri, yuksek teknolojili uretim tesisiyle, urunlerinde kaliteyi estetik bir sekilde birlestirerek, musteri memnuniyetini ilke edinmis bir marka olmayi hedeflemistir.
Uras group continued its activities in the construction sector and in 1995, it established the first production facility in IZMIR and started to manufacture pvc paneling and lantern accessories. In a short time we have established distribution and sales network in many regions of the country. We are a group to speed up logistic support and provide quality service; In 2001, he established a second production facility in ADANA.
Birdal Group Companies; - In 1975, started its life with food and groceries in Kayseri / Argincik Wholesalers Site and has obtained a firm place in the market in a short time with the services it provides to its customers. - In 1982, has increased acceleration with the inclusion of the new generation. - In 1987, has taken the first steps towards becoming a corporate entity. - In 1990, as the Board of Directors has decided to specialization in the field, then started filling sunflower oil with BIRDAL brand in the 3.000 sqm filling plant in Kayseri / Argincik Eastern Industrial Site. - In 1993, started to produce Sunflower Oil, Vegetable Oil, Corn Oil, Olive Oil, Olives and Tea with BIRDAL brand in the 12.500 sqm production plant in Balikesir / Havran Industrial Site. Also it made the first breakthrough in the construction sector in Kayseri in the same year. - In 1996, has started to produce yarn and entered the textile sector with 20,000 sqm production plant in Kayseri / Organized Industrial Zone. - In 2003, for investment built 9.000 sqm indoor area within 15.000 sqm total area in Kayseri / Organized Industrial Zone. - In 2006, has taken the first step in the mining sector with 2.5 million sqm beige marble quarry in Amasya / Eliktekke Village.- In 2009, has strengthened its position in the mining sector by opening the second beige marble quarry which is 850.000 sqm in Burdur / Yesilova - Celtek Village. - In 2012, has started to produce TSE-12655, ISO 9001:2008 certified and BIRDAL brand Steel Doors with a company who had 20 years experience in this sector in 9.000 sqm indoor area within 15.000 sqm total area in Kayseri / Organized Industrial Zone. Our primary goal is that to produce the doors with modern looking, high quality and theft-proof which designed by our R&D team. We significantly strive with highest technology to produce the products in sectors in which we operate and we
The company guarantees the customer satisfaction by maintaining customer relationship with "ISO 10002 CUSTOMER SATISFACTION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM" standard. Having the honour and excitement of leading at quality and being a leader in the sector Falez Celikkapi has been audited and verified by "VERICERT" on having top level customer relationship.
Our factory, Guven-Pa Forest Products was established in 2006 as a marketing company. In 2010, it started to produce doors. Our kitchen, bathroom, cloakroom productions are produced by our sister c
Founded in 1980, Sefer Orman Urunleri has always been one step ahead of change in its journey of more than 36 years. The Company only has not only become one of the largest and most successful companies in its sector in Turkey but in Europe. IsDOOR, which aims to comply with international standards and continuous development in all its activities, is a world company that is progressing towards its goal of achieving its success in the country.